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postheadericon New Archbishop of York: ‘Bible has to fit the current culture’

New Archbishop of York: ‘Bible has to fit the current culture’

The incoming Archbishop of York believes biblical teaching on sexuality should come second to 21st century Western cultural beliefs.

Stephen Cottrell is currently the. Bishop of Chelmsford and will take over from Dr John Sentamu next year to become the second most senior clergyman in the Church of England.

Bishop Cottrell made his comments on the Bible in 2017 as he welcomed the Archbishops of Canterbury and York’s plea for a “radical new Christian inclusion”.


He said it would be wrong to ignore the “damage” that is done by rejecting Western society’s current view of human sexuality. I am not sure the church has ever before had to face the challenge of being seen as immoral by the culture in which it is set.” He also claimed, in the same address to leaders in his own diocese, that taking a biblical view on same-sex relationships “can legitimise homophobia in others”.

Reinterpreting scripture

While Bishop Cottrell did acknowledge biblical passages spoke about the issue, he said they were merely “part of our story and our inheritance”. But what we can do is recognise that what we know now about human development and human sexuality requires us to look again at those texts to see what they are actually saying to our situation, for what we know now is not what was known then.”

The future Archbishop also said there was “no reason” why thanksgiving prayers or a communion service could not be offered for civil partnerships.


The doctrine of the Church of England, as enshrined in a 1987 General Synod Motion, is that homosexual acts should be repented of. This is further underlined by the 1998 Lambeth Conference Resolution which opposes the “legitimising or blessing of same sex unions”.

Following the announcement, Bishop Cottrell said he was “humbled and. excited at the. prospect of becoming the 98th Archbishop of York”.

Christian Institute 18th December 2019


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postheadericon Parents complain as school has no room for ‘Jesus is Lord’ in its carols

Parents complain as school has no room for ‘Jesus is Lord’ in its carols

A primary school in London has angered parents by removing references to Christ’s divinity from Christmas songs.

Whitehall Primary School is to hold a carol service and nativity play today, but headteacher Zakia Khatun says the words have been changed to be more inclusive.

“Little Lord Jesus” was changed to “baby boy Jesus” in Away in a Manger; “Jesus our Saviour” to “Jesus the baby” in Love Shone Down; and “new King born today” to “a baby born today” in Come and Join the Celebration.

King of Kings
One mother said the changes were unacceptable. She said: “If he was just a baby boy named Jesus,
there wouldn’t be a celebration in the first place. He is our Lord and Saviour and King of Kings ~ that’s the whole point.”

She added: “My kids are being stopped from having the freedom to express their beliefs. They are shocked.”

“We live in a multicultural society, so we should respect other beliefs but unfortunately Christianity is not getting respect.”

God with us

The former Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazir- Ali said Away in a Manger was know”, around the world. “The words ‘Lord Jesus’ are about the central message of Christmas, which is that God is in Jesus. “To put it very simply that’s what Christmas is about,”

The Diocese of Chelmsford, which includes the church where the carol service is due to take place, defended the school’s decision. A spokesman said: “The service maintains the traditional Christian message’ of the joy of Christmas, in.a way that can be celebrated by everyone, including those of other faiths and none.”

The Christian Institute 17.12.19


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postheadericon BBC commissions drama from author who wants to ‘kill God’

BBC commissions drama from author who wants to ‘kill God’

The BBC is set to air a drama based on novels from Philip Pullman, the author who has previously said he is “trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief”.

BBC One announced on Tuesday [17th November] that it was commissioning a drama series based on Pullman’s book, His Dark Materials, but is yet to give a date for transmission.

Pullman has repeatedly attacked the Christian faith, at one point saying his books are about “killing God”, and that God should be “put down” if he is as Christians describe him.

“Overthrow God”

BBC News has said that the His Dark Materials trilogy tells of “a battle against the church and a fight to overthrow God”, while The Guardian says the books cast “original sin in a positive light”.

Jane Tranter, who is leading the BBC project, dismissed the idea that religious groups may object to the upcoming drama. However Pullman himself said in 2008 that the Christian response to a film version of one of the books “did influence a number of people not to go to see it”.

Toned down

The Golden Compass film, which was released in 2007 featuring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, was intended as the first instalment of the trilogy. Many of the more explicitly anti-Christian themes of the first novel were toned down for the film version, but its Director said these would emerge in later films. So far the other two books have not been adapted for cinema.


Pullman has told The Washington Post, that he is “trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief”, while The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Pullman said: “My books are about killing God”. In 2002 he told The Sunday Telegraph: “if there is a God and he is as the Christians describe him, then he deserves to be put down and rebelled against”.

Christian Institute – 10 November 2015



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