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postheadericon BBC pushing dangerous gender ideology to children

BBC pushing dangerous gender ideology to children

Our national broadcaster is telling children there are “over a hundred, if not more, gender identities now”. This is incredibly dangerous. The nonsensical claim is included in a new BBC Teach video series for 9-12 year olds which is supposed to help teachers “deal with sensitive subjects in an age-appropriate and honest way”. It does neither. The reality is transgender ideology causes pain and suffering. The Daily Telegraph columnist Celia Walden says such ideology is “likely to leave us with a generation of lost, confused and angry young adults asking a question we will find it very difficult to answer: ‘How did you let this happen?”’. She’s right. Listen to what just one has to say about the damage done to her.

Cari’s story

“I’m a real live 22-year-old woman with a scarred chest and a broken voice and 5 o’clock shadow because I couldn’t face the idea of growing up to be a woman. That’s my reality.” Cari Stella was encouraged to transition from female to male as a teenager. But only a few years later she came to see that this was not the solution to her problems. But by then it was too late – irreversible changes to her body had been made. Cari is one of a number of former transgender people whose stories are highlighted by international speaker and author Ryan T Anderson in a video laying bare the shortcomings of the transgender movement. In the video, Anderson explains that although transgenderism only affects a tiny number of people, transgender activists are increasingly making far-reaching demands of us all. They demand that we change what our children are taught in schools is true about sex and gender. They demand we base access to toilets, changing rooms, showers, sports teams and more on ‘gender identity’ rather than biological sex. This allows men to gain access to private female spaces and compete unfairly against women in sporting contests. They demand we affirm transgender confusions with our own words and actions even when we disagree. In New York City, intentionally ‘misgendering’ a person now carries a fine of up to a quarter of a million dollars.

All this for a condition which leading doctors in the field warn is leading to ‘serious. irreversible damage’ being done by our over-eager and misplaced interventions. “No one would suggest that we give a high school girl struggling with anorexia liposuction,” says Anderson. “So why do they suggest we give a high school girl struggling with gender dysphoria testosterone?” Indeed. As he explains, these young people need support to address the underlying causes of their struggles and help them feel comfortable in their body, not adult complicity in reinforcing their confusions. Traditional marriage between a man and a woman is based on the scientific truth that human beings are male and female. This is a reality coded in our chromosomes that cannot be changed. In promoting transgenderism to our children, our schools and politicians are lying to them and stealing their innocence. At Coalition for Marriage we stand for the truth about men, and women, and marriage.

Coalition for Marriage – 10th September 2019


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postheadericon Navratilova: ‘Letting men compete against women is insane and it’s cheating’

Navratilova: ‘Letting men compete against women is insane and it’s cheating’

Tennis great Martina Navratilova has said it is “insane” that men who say they are women are allowed to participate in women’s sport. The vocal homosexual rights campaigner was harassed on social media by a transgender cyclist after she said, “You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women.” After being branded ‘transphobic’ in December, Navratilova promised to keep quiet until she had done more research. “Well, I’ve now done that and, if anything, my views have strengthened.”


Writing for The Sunday Times, nine times Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles champion Navratilova said trans athletes’ advantage over biological women is not negated by reducing hormone levels – the prescription most sports have adopted. “A man builds up muscle and bone density, as well as a greater number of oxygen-carrying red blood cells, from childhood.” “Indeed, if a male were to change gender, in such a way as to eliminate any accumulated advantage, he would have to begin hormone treatment before puberty.”


She said: “To put the argument at its most basic: a man can decide to be female, hormones if required by whatever sporting organisation is concerned, win everything in sight and perhaps earn a ,small fortune and then reverse his decision to go back to making babies if he so desires.” Canadian cyclist Rachel McKinnon was 6ft tall and weighed more than 14 stone when he controversially won the women’s Masters Track Cycling World Championships in October. “If girls and women can never win, they will leave sport in droves.”

‘Science, not ideology’

New guidelines introduced by the International Olympic Committee in 2016 allow men identifying as women to compete once they have reduced their testosterone to an agreed level.

Nicola Williams, from women’s rights group Fair Play for Women (FPW), called for current guidelines to be reviewed on the basis of “science, not ideology”. She said: “We are approaching a decision point because there will soon be more Rachel McKinnons, but without fair competition, sport becomes meaningless. “If girls and women can never win, they will leave sport in droves.”

Unwilling to debate

Rachel McKinnon found himself at the centre of another controversy this week after it emerged he refused to debate Williams on BBC Radio 5 Live. The BBC had originally invited Williams to discuss Navratilova’s comments on transgender participation in sport. but the. invitation was withdrawn when McKinnon said he would only appear on the show if Williams was not allowed to debate with him. He said the BBC should not take FPW seriously, and compared the women’s rights group to the Ku Klux Klan. The BBC said Williams was offered a segment later in the programme, or to respond in a subsequent show, but she declined.

Christian Institute – 20th February 2019


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postheadericon LGBT education push leaves Jews feeling forced out

LGBT education push leaves Jews feeling forced out

Jewish parents are warning that many families may leave the UK if the Government presses ahead with guidance covering same-sex relationships and gender reassignment. Members of the strictly Orthodox Haredi community now say that they would rather leave the country than see their children taught “alternative lifestyles”.

The Christian Institute has said the guidance “confuses respect for people (which is always right) with respect for beliefs or behaviour.” The advice for independent schools states they will not meet standards if they suggest “that same-sex marriages or civil partnerships should not be recognised as being lawful unions under civil law.”

But lawyers for one Jewish parent wrote to Damien Hinds, the Secretary of State for Education, to warn: “Many members of the community would choose to leave the United Kingdom for a more hospitable jurisdiction rather than comply with such an obligation to mention homosexuality or gender reassignment in a positive context at school.”

Ofsted is also insisting that the schools teach about homosexuality and transgender issues despite them holding opposing religious beliefs. The education watchdog’s head, Amanda Spielman, has accused Orthodox Jewish schools of “accommodating intolerance”.

Head teachers are seriously concerned. One, whose female pupils were subjected to intrusive personal questions about sex following a complaint from secularist campaigners Humanists UK, wrote to the Prime Minister to object. “It is hugely disappointing that a fringe pressure group can influence so-called independent bodies in this way. Our community has been targeted consistently and our staff and students are being intimidated by the deliberate disregard for cultural sensitivities.”

In 2017 Vishnitz Girls School faced the threat of closure for refusing to teach its young girls about transgender issues. Despite Ofsted describing the school as “clearly focused on teaching pupils to respect everybody, regardless of beliefs and lifestyle”, it failed the independent schools standards. And Rabbi Anthony Adler, from Beis Soroh Schneirer, said: “We teach our children British values such as the rule of law, mutual respect and tolerance, but we will not spell out alternative lifestyles.”

John Denning, Education Officer at The Christian Institute, said: “The Department of Education must respect the religious liberty of parents and the schools they choose to teach about moral issues in accordance with their faith. and not impose secular humanist values.”

Christian Institute 25th January 2019


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postheadericon Scots trans schools guidance ignores needs of other children

Scots trans schools guidance ignores needs of other children

A women’s campaign group has warned that Scotland’s new guidance for schools on ‘Supporting Transgender Young. People’ may have negative impacts on other children. Women and Girls in Scotland (WGS) raised concerns that the comfort of transgender students “seems to take precedence” over that of girls. They said it is not clear in the guidance that “due consideration” has been given to “the interests of other young people who are not trans”.


The document, which was issued late last year in partnership with LGBT Youth Scotland and Scottish Trans Alliance, states that teachers do not need to inform parents if their child wishes to change gender. The guidance also states that trans students should be allowed to use the toilets and changing facilities of their choice, and stay in overnight accommodation with opposite sex students. If parents or children object to, this, teachers are to remind them of “the school’s ethos of inclusion, equality and respect”. WGS said that allowing male-bodied pupils to share these intimate spaces with girls would be “potentially compromjsing their right to privacy and dignity”.


The group said that under the new guidance there was likely to be ‘discomfort’ experienced by other students who identify as their biological sex. They said: “The guidance does not acknowledge any objections that young people or their parent(s)/carer(s) may have to sharing facilities with a transgender young person”. And it makes “no mention of the need to evaluate their inclusion on the basis of fairness and safety for the benefit of all young people taking part”.

Exclude and marginalise

Religious children could also be negatively impacted as the guidance could exclude and marginalise them from school life. WGS added, other children .are “being expected to forgo their rights and their boundaries” for the benefit of a minority. Revd David Robertson, former Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland, said: “The advice in the guidance is harmful and totalitarian and the adoption of the radical transgender agenda is an attack on women. It’s about time that others spoke up.”

Christian Institute – 7th February 2019.


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postheadericon Council backs faith school freedom in sex education

Council backs faith school freedom in sex education.

The Government has been urged to allow faith schools to teach sex education in accordance with their religious ethos by councillors in a London borough.

Barnet Council unanimously backed a motion calling for tolerance to be shown to people of faith.

The Government has just concluded a “call for evidence” on the new primary school Relationships Education subject, and on. secondary school Relationships and Sex Education. A full consultation will follow.         ;

‘Tolerance and understanding’

Cllr Brian Gordon, who put forward the motion, said: “In the same way children should be taught not to harbour prejudice and hatred and violent desires towards others, tolerance and understanding has to be shown towards people’s religions and their values.

“It is wrong, and I would say counter-productive, for faith schools to be penalised or marked down for failure to teach particular aspects of sex and sexuality counter to their religious ethos.”

Councillors from across all parties backed the motion.

‘Different types of relationships’

A spokesman for the Department of Education said it was important that sex education is taught in all schools and added: “Our guidance will support schools in ensuring that teaching is appropriate to the age and religious background of pupils.”

Ciaran Kelly, Deputy Director of The Christian Institute, said: “It’s a welcome intervention, but the scope of Government proposals is not limited to faith schools or even to sex-ed. Relationships education will apply to all primary schools in England.

“Children as young as four will be taught about ‘different types of relationships’, which could include homosexuality, transsexualism and same-sex marriage. But the Government has said there will be no parental opt-out.”

The Christian Institute 22nd February 2018


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