St Alban's Wickersley: Everybody welcome
Safeguarding Policy

St.Alban’s has a safeguarding policy. Concerns about safeguarding should be raised with Mrs.L.Lewis, Tel 01709 544618.

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Most churches think that they are a friendly church because church members are friendly to each other. We may not realise how unwelcoming we appear to the outsider. The sad truth is that 90 percent of the people who try out our churches fail to join them. In many churches it is normal not to speak to newcomers. We are not usually openly hostile, we just ignore them and eventually they go away.

But churches that do welcome and befriend the stranger are creating the sort of growing, flourishing community Jesus wants His church to be.

Everybody Welcome is a one-day course about making welcome central to all we do and the people we are. Just think what the impact would be if not 10 percent but 25 percent or even 50 percent of the people who try out our church succeed in joining it!

If you would like to attend this course, please sign up on the list at the back of church.



Regular services

Our normal services are listed below, but these are not taking place at present owing to Covid-19. See page Covid-19 and St.Albans for current position, and page YouTube services and download files for opportunities for online participation.

8.15: Holy Communion
10:30: Family Worship, communion twice a month
6:00: Evening Service, communion twice a month

10.00: Holy Communion

Future Events

All regular services and special events at St.Alban’s have been suspended until further notice. Resumption will be announced when this is possible.