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Celebrating our children’s work

At heart, St. Alban’s is a community of people who have been drawn together to love and worship God.

Here are a few of our important beliefs …

We believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. By his death  on the cross and his resurrection he has made forgiveness of sins and eternal life available to everyone. We are committed to Him as the Lord of our lives, the church and the world. As disciples of Jesus we follow his way of life.

We accept the Bible as ‘the Word of God’, and take what it says seriously. An important part of our services is the sermon, where the message of the Bible is explored. We also study the Bible informally in groups in our homes.

We believe that God speaks to us as a church, and that he works supernaturally in our lives by His Holy Spirit. We believe in enjoying our faith.

Jesus told his disciples ‘to love one another’, and so our relationships within the church are important. We pray for each other and worship God together.

We also believe that the Good News of Jesus is for everyone. This means that we work to share what we have discovered with our neighbours in Wickersley.