St Alban's Wickersley: St.Alban’s Day
Safeguarding Policy

St.Alban’s has a safeguarding policy. Concerns about safeguarding should be raised with Mrs.L.Lewis, Tel 01709 544618.

postheadericon St.Alban’s Day

St.Alban’s Day commemorates the first known British Christian martyr. Alban was a Roman soldier in the Roman city of Verulamium, who gave shelter to a Christian priest who was being hunted by the authorities, who were persecuting Christians. In conversation with the priest, Alban became convinced of the truth of Christianity, and professed faith. When, shortly after, the authorities discovered that the priest was hiding in Alban’s home, Alban exchanged clothing with the priest, enabling him to escape. When put on trial, Alban refused to renounce his faith, and was sentenced to death and executed by beheading. Verulamium is now named St.Alban’s in his honour.

St.Alban’s day is commemorated at Wickersley with the following events.

Sunday 16th June

St.Alban will be commemorated at all services

6.00 – Songs of Praise for St.Alban


Regular services

Our normal services are listed below, but these are not taking place at present owing to Covid-19. See page Covid-19 and St.Albans for current position, and page YouTube services and download files for opportunities for online participation.

8.15: Holy Communion
10:30: Family Worship, communion twice a month
6:00: Evening Service, communion twice a month

10.00: Holy Communion

Future Events

All regular services and special events at St.Alban’s have been suspended until further notice. Resumption will be announced when this is possible.