St Alban's Wickersley: Covid-19 and St.Albans
Safeguarding Policy

St.Alban’s has a safeguarding policy. Concerns about safeguarding should be raised with Mrs.L.Lewis, Tel 01709 544618.

postheadericon Covid-19 and St.Albans

Following recent Government announcements, we are now able to recommence church services at St.Alban’s, although these will not be at the normal times. Details are given below, for different types of service.  For all services, social distancing will have to be maintained in church – signs will indicate how this is to be done, and there will be designated seats for use. There will also be a relatively limited maximum number permitted in a service; this is likely to be about 30 at St.Alban’s. For weddings the permitted numbers are lower, as given below.

Following recent announcements, wearing of face masks is now compulsory in places of worship, with a few limited exceptions. This does not prevent worshippers from taking communion.

The ‘rule of six’ announcements made during week commencing 7th September do NOT affect church services.

Sunday Services

There will be two Sunday services, as follows:

9.30am: *Holy Communion
6.00pm:  Choral Evensong (1st Sunday).
Holy Communion (2nd & 4th Sunday)
Evening Prayer (3rd Sunday)

There will be no congregational singing, but there will be a small choir. There will also be no children’s activities on Sunday mornings.

By decision of the Diocese, communion will be in one kind only (no wine), and special measures will be taken to ensure hygiene.

The book used to record attendance for school admission will not be available.

Both Sunday services will continue to be live streamed from the church, and subsequently available on YouTube, as they have been during the most recent lockdown. St.Albans YouTube services can be found here:


Thursday Services

The Thursday morning communion service will be a BCP Holy Communion service. As for Sunday communion services, communion will be in one kind only (no wine), and special measures will be taken to ensure hygiene.

Refreshments will not be served after the service.

Christenings, Weddings and Funerals

These may now take place, under the arrangements given above.

For baptisms, the maximum number permitted is now the Covid-19 restricted capacity of the church, i.e. about 30 at St.Albans. However physical distancing must be maintained between family groups and different ‘support bubbles’, with no mingling at any time during the service.

For weddings, the maximum number permitted is 6. Weddings should in any case only take place in exceptional circumstances.

For funerals, a maximum of 30 people may be present, including officiants.

Funerals at the graveside or the crematorium are still possible, with similar restrictions applying.

Families who have been unable to hold a funeral during the lockdown may like to consider holding a Memorial/Thanksgiving service once the current restrictions are over.


St.Albans material for home viewing and use

Rector’s letters, links to YouTube services we have produced, and other material can be found here.


Streamed services from other churches

Many churches across the country are live streaming services and other meetings during this time. See here for further information.


If you have any questions about the position at St.Alban’s, please submit using the form below, and we will respond as soon as we can.

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    Advice from the Diocese of Sheffield on the Covid-19 pandemic can be found here.

    Advice from the Church of England centrally can be found here.



    Regular services

    Our normal services are listed below, but these are not taking place at present owing to Covid-19. See page Covid-19 and St.Albans for current position, and page YouTube services and download files for opportunities for online participation.

    8.15: Holy Communion
    10:30: Family Worship, communion twice a month
    6:00: Evening Service, communion twice a month

    10.00: Holy Communion

    Future Events

    All regular services and special events at St.Alban’s have been suspended until further notice. Resumption will be announced when this is possible.